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Gorgeous Glass House In the Mountains of Kazakhstan Encircles an Entire Tree

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A. Masow Design Studio just unveiled plans to build a gorgeous glass house that wraps around an entire tree in the woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan, writes

The home’s circular glass façade envelops the entire trunk along with the branches, reinventing the concept the treehouse. This transparent home blends in with its surroundings and acts as a lookout and a place for contemplation and peaceful solitude.

The £225,000 building is being built in an area where an average house is sold for around £625,000. The tree house is one of three projects the architects designed for private clients looking to settle in the mountains of Almaty. It was commissioned by a 38-year-old businessman who wanted a home for a two people and a place that would allow for his spiritual and creative development. Most of all, the house is designed to provide a space where one can escape stressful everyday life in the city.

The house is to be built using metal columns, plasterboard panels, concrete and wooden flooring, and floor-to-ceiling windows. It takes the concept of the tree house to the extreme by fully enveloping a living tree. The home’s staircases wind around the tree it as it were the central pillar of a tower. Scheduled for completion in 2014, the daylit house provides its inhabitant with his own private piece of the forest.

October 16 2013, 12:20

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