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30.000 diagnosed with cancer in Kazakhstan annually

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The three-day Eurasian Anti-Cancer Forum has kicked off in Almaty yesterday. Specialists from Kazakhstan, neighboring Russia and the U.S. are to explore the problems related to the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer-stricken patients.

Nearly 30 thousand people in Kazakhstan are diagnosed with cancer every year. And, what is more distressing, 17 thousand deaths from cancer are registered in the country annually. Participants of the forum believe these figures can be downsized, if people do health checks at least once a year. Spotting cancer early can save your life, they say.

On October 11 and 12, the participants will also discuss the problems of palliative care, how to treat patients in the final stages of cancer, work of hospices and cancer centers across Kazakhstan.


October 11 2013, 11:51

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