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Kazakh army drafts over 10,000 this autumn

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The autumn conscription campaign has started in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, Kazakhstan's Defense Ministry announced. 

Over 10,000 persons will be drafted into the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of Kazakhstan, according to the announcement.

Combat-fit manpower examinations were over in September.

In order to duly review personal records, draft boards attracted National Security Committee, law enforcement agencies, civil registration agencies, healthcare organizations and social welfare bodies to the work.

According to the nation's army service act, Kazakh citizens aged 18-27 should pass mandatory military service unless they have the right to postponement or draft exemption, in numbers required for Armed Forces' manning and equipping.

Distribution over military units is carried out based on a consript's qualification and skills.

In Kazakhstan, compulsory military service lasts 12 months. 

Made up of the Ground Forces, Air and Air Defence Forces, Naval Forces and the Republican Guard, active personnel of Kazakhstan's army numbers 109,500 people as of 2012.


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