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Road to Caspian - animal deathtrap

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

A road between the city of Atyrau and the Caspian Sea on the Peshnoy peninsula has become a real trap for reptiles.

Nature protection prosecutor Kairat Uteuliyev says his subordinates spotted dozens of snakes and turtles on the paved road between Damba village and North Caspian Oil Spill Response Base.

Most of the animals were dead.

Prosecutors helped the living ones out of the motorway and returned them to the natural habitat, but the following morning another tens were entrapped.

"Edge stones here are nearly half a meter high. Snakes and turtles easily get onto the pavement over easy gradients, but can not get out. From hot weather they die here, some get smashed under wheels. I recommended forestry and hunting inspectors to check the road's design whether it complies with environmental standards or not. I believe it was designed with no account of the local nature. As the result the road has ended up being a death trap for living things," Mr Uteuliyev told.   


September 25 2013, 14:58

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