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5,000 Kazakhs will perform hajj this year

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According to Chief Mufti of Astana, about 5,000 pilgrims from Kazakhstan may travel to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj this year, reports IA Novosti-Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, 18 travel agencies will be organizing pilgrimage in two directions - air routes of Astana-Istanbul-Jiddah and Astana-Istanbul-Medina.

"This year, Saudi Arabia allocated a 5,000 quota for Kazakhstan, one thousand more than last year. To compare with other countries 5,000 is not much. For example, 100,000 Turkish citizens will perform hajj to Mecca," said Kalizhan-Haji Bayyirbek-Uly, Chief Mufti of Astana and Naib Mufti of Spiritual Directorate of Kazakhstan Muslims. 



October 10 2012, 16:32

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