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"KZ doesn't need to aggressively increase oil production - President", "Rolls-Royce: $175 mln Pact to Power KZ-China Gas Pipeline", "Caspian Sea legal status issues can be solved", "OPEC predicts KZ oil production to up by 50,000 bpd next year"

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interfax.kzKazakhstan does not need to aggressively increase oil production, exports - President - Kazakhstan does not need to aggressively increase oil production and exporting, since that would lead to a rapid depletion of available resources, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev says. The priority is a conservative scenario calling for the stable production and export of petroleum resources until 2050, the president said in an address to the Eurasian Emerging Markets Forum in Astana on Tuesday. Rolls-Royce: $175 Million Pact to Power Kazakhstan-China Natural Gas Pipeline - LONDON--Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RR.LN), a multinational power systems company, said Tuesday it has been awarded a $175 million contract to supply Asia Gas Pipeline LLP with equipment and related services to power the flow of natural gas through Kazakhstan's Line C Gas Pipeline, part of the 1,833km long Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline network. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: All issues related to Caspian Sea legal status can be solved - All issues relating to the legal status of the Caspian Sea can be solved in accordance to the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the Caspian states, Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov said on Wednesday during the meeting of the working group on defining the legal status of the sea.

bnews.kzOPEC predicts Kazakhstan’s oil production to up by 50,000 bpd next year - Kazakhstan's oil production will increase by 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 1.69 million bpd in 2014, OPEC's September Oil Market Report said. According to the OPEC's forecasts, the highest oil production in the country next year will be observed in the fourth quarter - at 1.78 million bpd. In the first and second quarters of 2014 the production will amount to 1.64 million bpd, in the third quarter - to 1.7 million bpd.

tengrinews.kzScience ministers of Kazakhstan and China discuss cooperation - Kazakhstan Minister of Education and Science Aslan Sarinzhipov and Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang have met to discuss prospects of scientific and technical cooperation.

"Kazakhstan would benefit from a nuclear power plant: Batyrbekov" - Speaking about energy security of Kazakhstan Director General of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan Erlan Batyrbekov said that Kazakhstan would benefit from a nuclear power plant. Prime Minister urges governors to find long-term investment projects for one-industry towns - Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov instructed governors of one-industry towns to find ways to diversify the economy of their communities, start joint programs with backbone companies and provide long-term orders for local producers.





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