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Cattle drive: Kazakhstan turns to Canada to jumpstart industry. Kazakhstan hopes to ride on China's boom. Kazakhstan: The overly loved mermaid

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The Irish Examiner - Sweden staying focused - “We are focusing on the away match against Kazakhstan,” said Ibrahimovic. “I am not even thinking about the play-off, but if you make any mistakes they will cost dearly”, the Swedish team captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic says.

The Globe and Mail - Cattle drive: Kazakhstan turns to Canada to jumpstart industry - With Kazakhstan’s thriving oil fields driving a surging economy, the country’s government wants to diversify. That means kick-starting an agriculture sector and turning to Canada – not just to buy Canadian meat, equipment and expertise, but live animals.

Seeking Alpha - ConocoPhillips Investor Update: Kashagan, Venezuela, Bone Spring, The Gulf And Drones - ConocoPhillips (COP) continues to be one of the most vibrant and actively managed oil companies around. Good news seems to be coming in droves and it is sometimes hard to keep up. This article will summarize and elaborate on recent news events, why they are bullish for COP in both the short and long term, and why investors should consider the stock despite the fact that it is trading near all time highs.

Bernama - Tourism Malaysia Eyes Opening Office In Kazakhstan - Tourism Malaysia is to set up a representative office in Almaty, Kazakhstan to attract more visitors from Central Asia to Malaysia.

China Daily - Ties with Central Asia - In his speech in Astana, Xi pledged China will never interfere in the domestic affairs of Central Asian nations, nor seek a dominant role in regional affairs. This shows that, contrary to the suspicion that China is seeking a sphere of dominance in Central Asia, China is resolved to build a community of common destiny with the region, which should be a blessing to all.

BBC - Kazakhstan: The overly loved mermaid - She was particularly popular with newly-weds who insisted on having themselves photographed in front of the statue. This appears to be a light-hearted continuation of a decades-old Soviet tradition, where statues of Lenin were the focal point of many wedding ceremonies.

Platts - China, Kazakhstan complete first stage of new gas pipeline - "The pipeline project has successfully completed the first stage and is now preparing to transmit gas," CNPC said. - Kazakh blood donor wins President Xi's praise - Tulenov Ruslan, who is studying at Hainan University, in south China's island province of Hainan, was lauded by Xi for his frequent blood donations as the president spoke on Friday at Nazarbayev University in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

People's Daily - Kazakhstan hopes to ride on China's boom - Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev told visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping here Sunday that his country hopes to ride on China's rapid economic development.

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