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Aktau court proved Ablyazov's participation in provocations and instigation of oil industry workers

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Aktau court proved Ablyazov's participation in provocations and instigation of oil industry workers. Using his unlimited financial resources and Alga party the former banker openly called people for violence, correspondent reports.

Some especially cynical conversations of Ablyazov and Alga members on the records provided by the prosecution shocked the public during the trial in Aktau. However, as a whole, people suspected long ago, who stands up for Zhanaozen disorders, and, having departed from emotions, recognized logicality of the opened facts. During court those facts on which direct participants of dramatical December events were perfectly informed methodically and in details proved to be true.

The testimony and recognitions of the accused completely confirmed the version about thorough prepration of mass riots by Kozlov and Alga on Ablyazov instructions, intended politicization of the labor conflict, intention on destabilization of the situation not only in the region, but also in the country as a whole.

How much is paid for the conflict?

During the trial witnesses and Kozlov sounded the concrete sums which Ablyazov forwarded on Alga financing and protest moods in Zhanaozen. Under A.Amirova's certificate, who was one of Alga activists, her management was not lavish on money, free distribution of the oppositional press and the device of tents for participants of a strike.

Many independent experts even assumed that financing Zhanaozen by Ablyazov is an attempt of the oligarch to invest the stolen money in revolution attempt. In court the full picture of how Alga under the direction of Ablyazov and Kozlov tried to establish in Zhanaozen a mode of chaos, marauding and lawlessness as a result was distinctly shown.

The problem was that after the first signs of discontent in Zhanaozen Ablyazov's messengers showed up around oil workers. Both Aldamzharov and Kozlov arrived here, and the majority of Alga party activists, connected to the region, for example, Sapargali and Amirov. However, Ablyazov sent there people who in any way haven't been connected to the oil sphere – for example, young unemployed Zh. Mamaya who was engaged in "processing" of young strikers.

Planned collisions

But the real blasting work those days was developed by no means in far London, where under Ablyazov's strategic guide the plan of the maximum conflict escalation, its politicization and as a result, the organizations of large-scale anti-state performance was developed.

In court the telephone conversation between Ablyazov and Kozlov from April 30, 2010 was presented, where interlocutors openly discussed the terms of collisions planned by them.

Ablyazov directly says to Kozlov that “not later than till the end of the next year the authority should be overthrown, in principle, it’s real, we just should work on it.” The swindler charges to Alga to find weak places at the society: oil workers, miners, mortgage holders. Having praised Kozlov for the work with different layers of the society in regions, Ablyazov, shows discontent with that this work is carried out insufficiently actively. “I consider it is time to overthrow this power,” Ablyazov sums up conversation.

Further events can be restored according to the evidence sounded in the court.

It is remarkable that objectivity and justice of court wasn't challenged even by the accused. In particular, at the very beginning of judicial hearings Kozlov’s lawyer A.Plugov declared that, in his opinion, in the course of investigation the National Security Committee’s operational investigative group didn't allow any law violations. And during process Sapargali expressed gratitude to court for the fair relation when the unchecked facts of charge in the relation of this figure were rejected.

October 9 2012, 15:05

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