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Presidential Advisor Yertysbayev: Seems like Atyrau Oblast was out of control

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The Kazakhstan President's advisor on political issues Yermukhamet Yertysbayev in an interview with KTK Channel said:

- To me it seems like over the last 3-4 years Atyrau Oblast has been virtually out of control. The stealings financial police established exceeded $100mln - it is terrible in all means. I think it is a sabotage against the state and market reforms. Large sums of budget money have been stolen in fact, and you well know the President's position he voiced at one of the conferences - addressing to government officials he told he would 'sever heads' for a single tenge stolen from budget. The events in Malovodnoye, Zhanaozen and Atyrau are the result of weak control over regions. These are issues of regional policy.

To recall, Financial Police is probing 13 criminal cases with regard to the corruption crimes committed by the officials of Atyrau Oblast Akimat and contractor organizations inflicting damage to the state amounting more than 16bn tenge.


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October 9 2012, 14:43

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