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Iranian, Kazakh FMs Discuss Syrian Crisis on Phone. From Russia, with Radiation.

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Fars News - Iranian, Kazakh FMs Discuss Syrian Crisis on Phone - In the phone conversation with Idrisov on Monday, Zarif decried a strike on Syria and stressed that international efforts should focus on encouraging all sides in the Syria conflict to hold talks to settle the turmoil as soon as possible.

Slate - From Russia, with Radiation - Kazakhstan’s steppe was ground zero for the Soviet Union’s atomic bomb. What does a nuclear wasteland look like? Wyoming.

Eurasianet - Kazakhstan: US Rapper Under Fire for Nazarbayev Wedding Gig - US rapper Kanye West is the latest musician to find himself embroiled in controversy after reportedly accepting millions of dollars to perform for a Central Asian autocrat.

Deutsche Welle - Number of Syrian refugees surpasses two million - The number of Syrians who have fled into neighboring countries has surpassed two million, according to the United Nations. The staggering figures come amid urgent calls from Western leaders to respond to the crisis.

China Daily - Close ties with Central Asia - Central Asian countries have always supported China's stance and policies on issues concerning its core interests. On major international issues, the two sides have exchanged information and coordinated their positions in a timely manner.

September 3 2013, 16:52

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