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Swinging Ukraine: Russia rejects customs union with EU-looking neighbor. 'They got what they deserved'.

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Russia Today - Swinging Ukraine: Russia rejects customs union with EU-looking neighbor - Russia says it won’t let Ukraine into its Customs Union, if it seals a trade agreement with the EU. This is likely to end long negotiations with Ukraine over its membership of the Russian-led club, as Kiev is expected to team up with the EU in November.

Herald Scotland - 'They got what they deserved,' says Brown - "I got booked for celebrating the way they celebrated at the end of the first game. They were in everybody's faces. I know we are a big club and they were delighted to beat us but you have to show a bit of respect and they got what they deserved."

Kickitout - Hamilton striker recalls his racism nightmare in Kazakhstan - He said: “I was also told I could get an apartment and when I got there the owner said, ‘No, he can’t have it, I didn’t know he was black, I don’t want him staying here’.

August 29 2013, 17:07

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