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New Zhylyoi akim assigned

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On October 8, Atyrau Oblast Akim Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV paid visit to Kulsary presenting a new district akim to the local core bodies upon consent of the district maslikhat.

Maksim IZBASSOV was assigned the new akim of the Zhylyoi District. He may be accepted as 'own guy' - spent many years as a crude production operator, then a manager in NGDU KulsaryNeft, Tengizmunaygas, and PB Embamunaygas. Over the last several years he has been chief government relations advisor with NCOC.

As said at the meeting with core bodies, the previous akim Rakhmetolla NUGMANOV will be assigned to other position.

The governor visited the tilting 5-storey apartment building located in the 1st Municipal District of Kulsary city. He stated that a special commission will be formed and measures will be taken.


October 9 2012, 09:15

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