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Deadly Debris Of The Cold War. Putin Warns Of 'Measures' If Kyiv Signs EU Trade Deal. When it's lambs to the slaughter Kazakhs win.

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Strategy Page - Deadly Debris Of The Cold War - August 23, 2013: It was recently revealed that for the past 17 years (until 2012) there had been a secret operation to deal with the nuclear material scattered around the Soviet era Semipalatinsk nuclear research and testing facility in Kazakhstan.

The Sport Age - When it's lambs to the slaughter Kazakhs win - I'm trying to avoid the Borat jokes but Shakhtar Karagandy coach Viktor Kumykov is not making it easy. The boss of the Kazakh champions displayed an unusual and somewhat cruel way to help his team prepare to face Celtic in the UEFA Champions League play-off when he slaughtered a lamb in the middle of the pitch on the eve of the match.

Breaking Travel News - Snow tourism leaders to meet in Almaty - The first ‘Euro-Asian Ski Resorts Conference, Developing New Destinations for Snow Tourism’, jointly organised by UNWTO and the municipality of Almaty, will be held in Kazakhstan next month.

The Daily Beast - Preventing Pandemics - In a remote corner of the world, an American lieutenant colonel is helping with the construction of a high-tech laboratory to study and prevent the spread of anthrax and the plague.

New York Daily News - Woman allegedly swipes ex-husband's $20 million Plaza apartment, spends $75 million on jewelry - Bolat Nazarbayev, brother of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev, says ex Maira Nazarbayeva secretly listed herself as co-owner of the pricey apartment and wired millions to celebrity favorite Jacob the Jeweler. But the fuming ex-hubby may have gotten off easy, as Nazarbayeva reportedly has ties to organized crime.

Daily Record and Sunday Mail - Sports Hotline: Celtic fans still reeling from defeat in Kazakhstan - CHRIS ROBERTS takes your calls and Celtic fans are still jamming the phone lines to express their anger at Tuesday's Champions League play-off defeat in Kazakhstan.

Little Green Footballs - The Man Who Made the World Safer: The Story of Plutonium Mountain - In a remarkable and highly secretive feat of collaboration among the United States, Russia, and Kazakhstan, engineers and nuclear scientists from the three countries spent 15 years and $150 million to secure many of the tunnels and test areas at the sprawling Semipalatinsk Test Site.

Human Rights Watch - Kazakhstan: Journalist Badly Beaten - Igor Larra, a journalist with the independent newspaper Svododa Slova, was attacked by four men at about 11 p.m. on August 20 as he left a friend’s apartment building in Aktobe, a city in western Kazakhstan. The assailants hit him over the head with a crowbar and kicked him in the face. They took two mobile phones and 30,000 KZT (approximately US$200). Larra suffered a concussion, a head injury, cuts on his face, and abrasions on his body.

RFE - Putin Warns Of 'Measures' If Kyiv Signs EU Trade Deal - Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that if Ukraine signs a free-trade agreement with the European Union, the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan might have to consider adopting "protective measures."

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