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Keep cockroaches away to avoid scorpions, doctors say

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By Anastassiya Pastukhova

According to the oblast hospital in Atyrau, every day two or three people seek medical assistance after scorpion attacks.

"Scoprions are not exotic to our region. Thanks to the modern medicine scorpion bites are no longer lethal. Victims are even treated outpatiently," says Gulmira Tlemissova, in charge of hospital's admission department.

There is a single reason for propagation of various creatures that live next to people - mice, rats, scorpions and cockroaches - rubbish.

In order to avoid scorpions, as the first thing one should keep his home clean and the most important is to break their food chain, i.e. get rid of their favourite 'sweets' - cockroaches. Respectively, normal antibug powders and gels are good repellents.

"But the bite of a karakurt [black widow] is very dangerous. If fails to receive prompt medical help one may die. Fortunately, we have never had fatality cases here," says Baurzhan Rakhmetov, chief doctor at the toxicology department. 


August 22 2013, 12:07

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