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UNICEF advises Kazakhstan to add iodine and vitamins to flour. Celtic 'squander' their chances in Kazakhstan. U.S. Russia and Kazakhstan secured plutonium before terrorists got it.

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Tengri News - UNICEF advises Kazakhstan to add iodine and vitamins to flour - “If Kazakhstan wants to improve the situation even further and achieve the level countries like the U.S. and Malaysia and even the Top 40 countries like Australia and Korea, we suggest considering two interferences with fast effective and two interferences with a broader coverage and longer impact period. The first two interferences are targeted on poor families and rural areas. Statistics shows that these groups have higher child mortality rate. We have to improve the coverage of poor and village families so that all of these families are reached with the package provided by the Healthcare Ministry.

KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan and Indonesia trade turnover grew three-fold, to USD 150.5 mln - The volume of mutual trade between Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2010 was 23 million 828 thousand dollars, in 2011 - 35.1 million dollars, and in 2012 - 57.3 million dollars.

The Scottish Express - Celtic 'squander' their chances in Kazakhstan - “That and the chances we squandered makes life really difficult for us, but far from insurmountable.”

Hail Hail Media - Shakter Karagandy v Celtic Match Report - Celtic endured a horror show in the final CL qualifying round with a 2-0 defeat against Shakter Karagandy of Kazakhstan.

Daily Record and Sunday Mail - Tam Cowan: Kazakhstan's only 4000 miles away.. what's the problem? - TAM says if Hoops fans can flock to Seville, they can do the same for Borat's homeland.

The Washington Post - U.S. Russia and Kazakhstan secured plutonium before terrorists got it - IT IS often easy to ignore the news when something bad does not happen. The Post reported Sunday that hundreds of pounds of plutonium, enough for dozens of nuclear weapons, lay buried for years in Kazakhstan at the Semipalatinsk test site after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. After prodding by scientists, the United States, Russia and Kazakhstan entombed the plutonium in concrete so it could not be seized by scavengers, terrorists or states with malevolent intent. Good work — and the end of the story, right?

TSN - ZENIT CLOSES IN ON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE; MILAN, PSV DEADLOCKED - In Astana, Shakhter Karagandy closed in on a spot in the group stage for the first time with its victory over Celtic, the Scottish champion which beat Barcelona on its run to the Champions League last-16 last season.

The Brattleboro Reformer - Vodka pipeline uncovered in Asia. Yes, really. - Kyrgyzstan, a majority Muslim country, has a growing demand for cheap alcohol from Kazakhstan, one of the largest grain producers in the region.


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