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Sexy question strikes dumb Kazakh MA seekers

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Kazakh bachelors applying for MA ran across a tricky question during a written application test in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, writes BNews.

The task required applicants to put adjectives of an English sentence in a right order. The wording of the question itself looked as "She looks very sexy in that ____ T-shirt".

Then given five options of "tight black Lycra" t-shirts in different sequences of words.

A good half of students failed to find the correct answer as the result.

In search of the right variant, the applicants asked the test compilers in the National Testing Center and the reply came surprisingly soon.

In a formal response, the test center cites the wordpower dictionary by V.K. Muller and Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary which 'unoffendingly' explain the word "sexy" as "attractive and charming".

The center officials, therefore, do not believe "the word is inappropriate or damaging someone's honor and dignity".

At that, looked up in a web-version of the dictionary ( no confirmation to the center's statement was found.

The website provides that in relation to a person the word "sexy" stands for "sexually attractive".

Worth mentioning, such a question in a test for future MAs is comical, applicants say. The only thing confusing - why ask future scienstists about clothes that make someone look sexy or attractive?

August 19 2013, 14:20

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