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Football: Kazakhstan fears crowd violence of Scottish during Shakhter-Celtic match

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Use of pyrotechnics during the play-off game between Kazakhstan’s Shakhter and Scottish Celtic in Astana will be qualified as petty crime, reports.

Astana Interior Department is collecting information in preparation for the coming Eurocup match between Shakhter and Celtic.

The group of about 100 Scottish fans is expected to arrive in Kazakhstan for the match. The UK has a reputation worldwide for football hooliganism and its fans are traditionally considered the most unpredictable. One of the first recorded incidents of large-scale crowd violence in Scotland took place after a 1909 match between Rangers and Celtic.

“In line with the Kazakhstan legislation and the rules of the championship, use of pyrotechnics is prohibited,” the press-service stated. “If any such violations are found, the violator will be prosecuted in observance of the Administrative Code of Kazakhstan: the action shall be qualified as petty crime under the Article 330 Clause 1. The violation is punishable with a fine of 3 to 10 monthly calculation indexes ($35 to $115) or an arrest for up to 10 days.”

The nationality and citizenship of violators is not going to matter. The sanctions may be applied to both Kazakhstan and foreign citizens. Around 1,000 officers of Kazakhstan law-enforcement authorities will be maintaining public order at the match. In case there is a threat of a large-scale crowd violence, their number will be increased. The officers will also be responsible for making sure that fan smuggle no illegal objects to the stadium. Kazakhstan Football Federation will also be responsible for prevention of football hooliganism.

According to the press-service of the Federation, foreign visitors usually respect the regulations of the UEFA and their support teams bring no pyrotechnics over.

There has been only one case when pyrotechnics was seized at a match with a foreign team in Kazakhstan. Fans tried to smuggle flared to the match between Kazakhstan and Germany. But those were Kazakhstan fan who made the attempt. The flares were seized and the fans were admitted to the stadium.

There are several cases of such violations at Kazakhstan National League matches though. Almaty fans used pyrotechnics during a game between Kairat and Shakhter. Kairat FC was fined 200 thousand tenge ($1,300) by Kazakhstan Football Federation.

UEFA also imposes strict punishments for such violations. Depending on the consequences, the host club may be punished with a large monetary fine, a warning, a game without fans or a game at a neutral field. The severity of the punishment depends on the report of the European Football Union’s delegate. If the game is aborted, the receiving club can be punished with a forfeit defeat for below-standard level of organization of the match.

The first game between Shakhter and Celtic will be held on August 20 at Astana Arena. The game will start at 09:00 p.m. Astana time. The tickets are available at the price ranging from 300 to 1,500 tenge ($2 to $10). The game will be broadcasted live by KTK TV channel. The return match is scheduled for August 27 in Glasgow.

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August 18 2013, 15:00

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