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Australia's state workers defy order and down tools

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NSW public sector rally outside Sydney Town Hall. Credit:ABC ©More than 40,000 New South Wales public servants have walked off the job and at least 2,000 have rallied at the Town Hall in Sydney over public sector cuts.

Wearing red and carrying flags and placards which read 'Enough is Enough' and 'Stop The Cuts', hundreds of angry public service workers have gathered at Town Hall and nearby St Andrews' Square.

The workers say that, since coming to power, the O'Farrell government have cut public service jobs, conditions and services on the large scale.

The Sydney Town hall meeting is being broadcast to more than 40 locations around the state and has so far heard first hand accounts from prison, child care and ambulance workers about what pay and funding cuts are doing to workers.

The workers are expected to strike until 3:00pm, with skeleton staff maintaining basic services.

PSA president Sue Walsh told the rally that the State Government has gone too far.

"We've had enough, enough is enough," she said.

General-Secretary John Cahill put forward a resolution calling for further action.

"The PSA is asking members to consider work bans and rolling stoppages across agencies and to authorise further state-wide stoppages," he said.

The State Treasurer Mike Baird says the government will consider pushing for the PSA to be fined over today's action.

He said the strike was illegal, after the Industrial relations Commission ruled on Friday that it should not go ahead.

Mr Baird says it has caused widespread disruption.

"In the community services area we've had caseworkers walk off the job," he said.

"At the same time in our prison system and corrective services system we've had court cases delayed, which is going to have an impact on day to day policing.

"These are things that shouldn't be happening."

Mr Baird says the Public Service Association is ignoring the reality of the state's finances.

"How do we continue to maintain services when we have lost $2.5 billion a year?" he said.

"That $2.5 billion is equivalent to the wages of 20,000 teachers.

"How are we supposed to continue the operations, the services - both now and in the long term - if we don't take actions?"

State Finance Minister Greg Pearce says public servants should be at work today.

"We actually like to see our public servants do what they're meant to do, which is to provide services to the community of New South Wales and not to inconvenience the community of New South Wales," he said.

October 8 2012, 14:41

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