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Greenery firm explains trimming of trees at Satpayev street

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By Tamara Sukhomlinova

A number of outraged and shocked townspeople phoned around all possible instances, including our newspaper, beating alarm when city authorities went on clipping and cutting green blossoming trees at the separating strip of Satpayev Avenue near the Ardager Mall.

The procedure looked more like a barbarian clearance than trimming, as from one time magnificent crowns they have left bare trunks only.

We asked specialists to explain "the horror in the middle of the day".

"The clipping is being done in order to renew the trees. This method is widely used in many cities across the country. For example, it is done every 3-4 years in Astana. Trees in Atyrau were last 'juvenated' five years ago. At the moment works have been suspended to continue in October. All trees along Satpayev will go through it. You will see them in a more splendid blossom next spring. At large, all trees in the city need such clipping, also those at Makhambet and Azattyk streets," says Bolat Mussabekov from AtyrauZelenStroi greenery firm.  


August 14 2013, 15:26

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