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Diesel plant for Kazakhstan. Eight nations hold drill in Kazakhstan. Cultural learnings of Kazakhstan for make benefit glorious nation of Glasgow's East End.

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Machinery Market - Diesel plant for Kazakhstan - Serik Akhmetov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, formally ‘launched’ the construction of a diesel engine factory in Astana earlier this month. The plant is being developed by a joint venture of national railway KTZ, GE Transportation and Transmash Diesel.

CCTV - Eight nations hold drill in Kazakhstan - Over 1,600 military personnel from eight countries, including Kazakhstan, the U.S., Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, will join in the two-week exercise.

Daily Record - Cultural learnings of Kazakhstan for make benefit glorious nation of Glasgow's East End - But the name that came to the minds of most Scottish football fans when Celtic found out they are off to Kazakhstan to play FC Shakhter Karagandy for a Champions League play-off was – Borat.

Hurriyet Daily News - Kazakh oil rivalry heats up - Costs for Kashagan have soared because the Eni-led consortium developing it revised expenditures up fivefold in the last decade - to almost $50 billion - as a result of building artificial islands and infrastructure in the Caspian Sea.

Eurasianet - Kazakhstan Students Face Stiffer Charges in Boston Bombing Inquiry - “Even though he was literally stunned and in fear, and even though he is from a country where the police are routinely distrusted, from the moment the authorities approached him he has fully cooperated,” the attorney said in a statement quoted by USA Today.

Russia Today - Tank biathlon: First comp in new paramilitary sport starts near Moscow - ussia is introducing ‘tank biathlon’, a new paramilitary sport about armor races and precision gunnery. The first international competition starts near Moscow on Monday. Several NATO countries, including the US, are expected to join the contest in 2014.

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