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Atyrau-Karabatan road to close next month

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

Weeks after the closure of a flyover on the route to Karabatan, road constructors have announced a plan for September to close traffic at the Atyrau-Karabatan highway during daytime. 

Authorities promised to arrange a bypass dirt road.

According to the head of Kazakhstan's motorway construction Zhantas Sharipov, 18 kilometers of Atyrau-Karabatan road will be covered with a cast emulsive-mineral mixture, a slurry seal produced by a license from a German firm. 

This way of road surface preservation has been in use in Germany since '60s.

Recent years, it has been actively experienced in Russia.

Roads in three Kazakh oblasts - Akmola, Atyrau and Almaty - are first to try the method.

In plain view, it gives a grainy surface to pavement. But Germans apply it cold, not hot and do not flatten with asphalt compactors.


August 9 2013, 17:11

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