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Feuding Banks Behind Rome Police Raid. Kazakhstan gives €1.7m to restore Baroque Italian building. Embassy refuse visas for opposing nation side’s star players.

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Corriere della Sera - Feuding Banks Behind Rome Police Raid - Interests of many kinds, most of them financial, lurk behind the Kazakh affair. And this could turn out to be the key to identifying whoever ordered the “rendition” of Ms Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter Alua to the authorities in Astana. It would also help to clear up the events that led to the 28 May visit of the Kazakh ambassador, Andrian Yelemessov, to police headquarters in Rome, the first official move in an operation that concluded on 31 May when the two women boarded a private Austrian-registered jet belonging to the Avcon company. But the chain could have started several days earlier.

Press TV - Kazakh President Nazarbayev meets with Cameron in London - Nazarbayev met with Cameron for the second time in less than a month while he was on a private trip to London with his family on Monday, July 22

Eurosport - Embassy refuse visas for opposing nation side’s star players - “It is very strange, we have not received any explanation as to why they cannot go. They know their football at the Kazakh embassy.”

The Art Newspaper - Kazakhstan gives €1.7m to restore Baroque Italian building - The grant to the earthquake-damaged town of L’Aquila comes amid controversy over the deportation of dissident’s family

Yahoo News - Kazakh ambassador denies pushing Italy to deport dissident's wife - Asked whether he had pressured Alfano or other politicians to deport the two, ambassador Andrian Yelemessov said in an interview with the daily Il Giornale: "Absolutely not. I never saw the minister."

BBC - Ten people, including a little girl, fell ill in Japan after eating dumplings - Factory worker Lu Yueting admitted putting insecticide in frozen dumplings that were later exported to Japan

July 30 2013, 16:38

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