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Kazakhstan to undergo validation procedure next year

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Kazakhstan is to undergo validation procedure next year. The World bank advisor in Kazakhstan Tatyana Sedova told during the 7th KAZENERGY Eurasian forum, correspondent reports.

“Kazakhstan must undergo validation procedure next year. It is a conformity assessment to initiative criteria of extracting branches transparency. We already had a validation in 2009, but we still need to discuss several open issues. The representatives of the government, Industry and New Technologies Ministry, extracting companies, non-governmental and international organizations and all other interested parties had their say. They all now actively work over the preparation for validation. Next year we have to finish the validation procedure”, Tatyana Sedova said.

According to her, Kazakhstan will receive the status of EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) criteria. 

“The world conference on EITI will take place in Sydney and, we hope that by that time Kazakhstan will undergo validation procedure. It will give its benefit to Kazakhstan image. We do a lot in this direction and this status will formally confirm our commitment to transparency and the extracting sectors accountability,” she concluded.

October 7 2012, 13:22

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