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Snowden’s story is a tempting prospect for filmmakers

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The story of Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, has divided opinion – but has provoked the interest of filmmakers from Hollywood to Hong Kong, Tom Brook reports.

America’s famous NSA leaker has attracted fascination from around the globe. And whether he is viewed as a noble whistleblower or a traitor, the film world is interested in telling his tale.

Four young filmmakers based in Hong Kong have done it already. Called Verax, their short film – which features an actor who closely resembles Snowden – has had over 200,000 views since it went online.

But what about Hollywood and beyond? Oliver Stone has described Snowden as a hero, while Australian director, Phillip Noyce has expressed interest in making a film. Although not everyone is a fan – Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has expressed dislike for Snowden’s actions and is not interested in making a film about him any time soon.

So although his is a story which fiercely divides opinion, it looks likely that Edward Snowden could be the subject for a feature film in the near future.


July 30 2013, 10:07

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