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FlyGeorgia starts flights to Yerevan and Aktau, Kazakhstan. Afghanistan: A Dilemma for China and the US. Women Should Get Time Off During Menstruation – Lawmaker

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ETurboNews - FlyGeorgia starts flights to Yerevan and Aktau, Kazakhstan - FlyGeorgia which is based in Tbilisi, plans to begin flights to Aktau and Yerevan from the second week of August, and flights to Yerevan will be carried out six times a week, and the airline intends to introduce the CRJ200 plane with a 50-seater configuration. At present, FlyGeorgia operates the A319 and A320 planes.

KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan's Customs simplify registration procedure - Kazakhstan's Customs have simplified customs clearance procedure. This has been made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Customs authorities and the participants of foreign economic activity, the press service of the Customs Control Committee says.

The Diplomat - Afghanistan: A Dilemma for China and the US - Both countries have an interest in Afghan stability post-2014. They should consider cooperation.

RIA Novosti - Women Should Get Time Off During Menstruation – Russian Lawmaker - The disruption to working women caused by menstruation is so acute that it represents a problem for society, according to the draft bill submitted by Degtyarev to the Duma.

Deutsche Welle - A US veteran remembers the Korean War - The retired US-Army colonel was a member of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team dropped behind enemy lines in North Korea on October 20, 1950. Several thousand soldiers landed near Sukchon and Sunchon, about 50 kilometers north of Pyonyang. The plan was to prevent the North Korean army from retreating and the government from fleeing - but it failed.

The Telegraph - Pope Francis reaches out to gays - Pope Francis is reaching out to gays, saying he will not judge priests for their sexual orientation, in a remarkably open and wide-ranging news conference as he returns from Brazil.

July 29 2013, 17:38

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