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Kazakh scientist can diagnose cancer in 10 minutes

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 The scientist Diyas Myrzakozha. Snapshot of Khabar video The scientist Diyas Myrzakozha. Snapshot of Khabar video

Doctor of Chemistry Diyas Myrzakozha from Almaty has developed a principally new method for cancer diagnostics at earliest stage, Khabar reports.

The method is fast, accurate and cheap. The test takes only in 10-15 minutes; its accuracy is 93 percent (versus the current 60 percent) and the cost is around 10 Euro. The method does not require any expensive equipment.

According to the scientist, changing the principles approach to search for the damaged cells enabled him to make his discovery. “Tumor markers are usually used to discover oncological diseases. In our case we are using nano-technologies: we take an albumen molecule, modify it with a fatty acid molecule and then look at the scope of its the electronic spin resonance. The spectral shift can show depression and cancer,” the scientist said.

Annual screenings of women for cervical and breast cancer are made in Kazakhstan to ensure early diagnistics. This means that thousands of patients take the tests. The inventor is confident that the discovery will not only help save more people but will also save money. “This is a very useful and important thing for our country. It can be part of the screening tests. The earlier a person is diagnosed with this disease, the cheaper it is for both the government and for the person to treat it,” Myrzakozha said.

According to Khabar, the new diagnostics method has been tested in one of Almaty’s private clinics during the past year. One of the world’s most cited scientific magazines will publish a report about the Almaty scientist’s discovery this autumn.

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July 29 2013, 17:11

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