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Royal baby name revealed: George Alexander Louis

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Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold the Prince of Cambridge Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold the Prince of Cambridge

The name of Prince William and Kate's son was announced Wednesday by Kensington Palace, two days after he was born.

Palace officials said the royals are "delighted to announce" their son's name, adding that the baby, who is third-in-line to the throne, will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Six previous British kings have been named George, and the name was a favorite of British bookmakers in the run-up to Wednesday's announcement.

The announcement from William and Kate -- just two days after the baby's birth -- was quick, by royal standards. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh took a month before settling on the name Charles for the Prince of Wales. Princess Diana and Prince Charles took a week before settling on William's four names.

For now, the baby is expected to stay out of the spotlight after making his first "public appearance" in the arms of his parents outside of London's St. Mary's Hospital on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the couple introduced their son to great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who was keen to see the baby before she starts her annual summer vacation in Scotland later this week. The 87-year-old monarch made a short trip from Buckingham Palace by chauffeur-driven Bentley and spent about half an hour visiting the baby. Palace officials said Prince Harry has also been to see his new nephew.

That afternoon, the young family departed Kensington Palace and headed to see Kate's parents at their home in the English village of Bucklebury, west of London.

Now that Kate and William have chosen a name, they are expected to soon choose a photographer for the baby's first official portrait. Appetite remains strong worldwide for pictures of the royal baby.

CBS News

July 25 2013, 12:20

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