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Polish MPs, Italian diplomat visit dissident oligarch's wife

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Deputies of Poland's Sejm and advisor to the Italian ambassador to Kazakhstan visited the spouse of Mukhtar Ablyazov early July, wrote Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry in response to an enquiry from Corrierre della Sera.

Members of Sejm of the Republic of Poland Sventicky, Makovski, Tschislinski, Rybakovich and Italy's representative made sure Mrs Shalabayeva was residing in proper conditions in Kazakhstan, the message reads.

In the city of Almaty Alma Shalabayeva is living in her parents' house with her daughter. Courts and prosecutors of Kazakhstan received no claim or complaint from her as to any illegal acts committed by investigation bodies.

Kazakh prosecutor's office claims it guarantees that citizen Shalabayeva has been provided all opportunities for protection in accordance with the international law and local legislation, she may hire a lawyer and is not exposed to torture and humiliation.


July 24 2013, 15:47

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