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Most people in Kazakhstan want three kids: poll

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A survey by HeadHunter has shown that 64% of childless respondents are planning to have three kids or more. 48% of the respondents want two or three kids, 12% want three or four children and 4% want five kids or more.

15% of the respondents are not doing any family planing and prefer to leave things to chance. 12% of the poll's participants are going to put the number of their children in dependence from their financial situation.

5% is going to have no more than one child. And only 6% of respondents don’t plan to have any children at all.

Organizers of the survey noted that women asked about the number of kids were more reserved then men and chose "no more than one kid" option or "depending on the family's budget" more often. Besides, only very few women opted for "five kids or more".

Most unemployed men says that they were not planing the number of kids. Surprisingly they were also the group who chose "more than five children" most often.

Unemployed women tended to choosing "no more than one kid" option then those who had jobs. The other option jobless women favored was that they had not thought about the number of kids they wanted.

Survey involved 2500 respondents.

Tengri News

July 22 2013, 16:46

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