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Kazakhstan FM met with Hillary Clinton

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On October 3 in Washington Minister of Foreign Affairs E. Idrissov met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the press service of the MFA reports. In the talks, the sides discussed the priority areas of the strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and the United States.

Clintonthanked Kazakhstan for its support in international efforts to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan, including a constructive role in the development of our country's Northern Distribution Network, and the support of the Afghan national security forces. It was also emphasized, the active role of Kazakhstan in the initiative “New Silk Way”, which aims at enhancing trade and economic relations in the region.

U.S. diplomat praised Kazakhstan's leadership in the global nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. In her words, “there are few countries that can match the experience and reliability with Kazakhstan, when it comes to non-proliferation.”

Describing Kazakhstan as an important player in the key issues of international security, she noted that she visited our country in the 90s, when she was the first lady, and as head of the State Department in 2010, during this short period of time, she said, Kazakhstan has reached “remarkable progress.”

Due to the end of the mission of E. Idrissov as the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States Hillary Clinton acknowledged his contribution to strengthening bilateral cooperation. Following the meeting heads of foreign departments of Kazakhstan and the United States held a press conference where reported on the main results of the meeting and answered questions of U.S. and Kazakhstan journalists.

October 5 2012, 11:48

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