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All rights and freedoms of Shalabaeva, Ablyazov’s wife, met - MFA statement

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The statement issued on the MFA web-site.

We know that the Italian Republic has taken the decision to cancel the deportation of Alma Shalabaeva  and her daughter to Kazakhstan, carried out on May 31 current year by the Italian authorities.

Decision about the deportation is an internal affair of the Italian Republic. Foreign nationals who were deported by government agencies are usually prohibited to enter the country which deported them. Cancellation of A.Shalabaeva  and her daughter’s deportation, in our view, means that the Italian authorities have returned them the right to visit their country in the future.

From the point of view of Kazakhstan's legislation  all the rules and procedures relating to the deportation of Shalabaeva and her daughter to the Republic of Kazakhstan including the issuance of certificates for the return issued by the consular department of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Rome, have been duly complied with.

A. Shalabaeva with her daughter is now living with her parents  in Almaty. A.Shalabaeva is not in detention or under house arrest. At the same time, she is involved in a particular case of the illegal issuance of passports of the Republic  Kazakhstan to her husband’s relatives. Law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan sent requests to their foreign counterparts to confirm the facts of A. Shalabaeva's use of illegally obtained Kazakh passport.

In order to avoid the possibility of A.Shalabaeva's escape from the country before the end of the investigation she is under house arrest. All the rights and freedoms of A.Shalabaeva under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international law are fully respected and their further compliance is guaranteed by law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Ablyazov is hiding from the investigating authorities of several countries. However, A.Shalabaeva is not accused of his crimes and she does not threaten prosecution for his actions.

The case of Mukhtar Ablyazov

M.Ablyazov is fugitive from justice of Kazakhstan since 2009, after BTA Bank, which he headed, found $ 15 billion shortfall in its accounts. M.Ablyazov has been charged for stealing those funds.

BTA Bank initiated civil proceedings against M. Ablyazov in the UK where he was hiding. Recently, the UK High Court has decided to return to the bank Ablyazov’s assets totaling accounting to USD 4 billion. Ablyazov fled the UK after being sentenced to 22 months in prison for trying to hide stolen assets and impede the investigation. This decision was also upheld on appeal of the UK.

M.Ablyazov continues to hide from investigators of different countries and Kazakhstan will continue to work with its international partners on further investigations to bring him to justice.


July 15 2013, 11:04

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