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President congratulated teachers of Kazakhstan

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"I cordially congratulate you, pedagogues of Kazakhstan, on your professional holiday - Teacher's Day," reads the official address published in the republican press on Friday, reports KazTAG.

"A teacher's labor lays the foundation for the future of our country," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

"By your everyday hard work you partake millions of our fellow citizens to understanding the world, you bring up highly educated, honest and patriotic citizens, create perspectives for their professional development, thus, lay foundation for the future of the country. To educate a generation measured up to the 21st century is a huge responsibility and a difficult labor that deserves much respect," the text reads.

President emphasized that Kazakhstan is modernizing material and technical and methodological facilities of education sector.

"The country is carrying out a systematic work to modernize material and technical and methodological facilities of education sector, to attract, retain and support highly qualified teaching specialists," the congratulation reads.

Nazarbayev emphasized that teachers have always been true bearers of morality, culture and commitment to what they do.

"May kindness and wisdom never leave a teacher's heart and the flame of commitment never expire. Wish you success in your noble work," he concluded.


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