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India in Touch With Kazakhstan after Bid Fails. Hydrocarbon-rich Kazakhstan gets new oil and gas minister. Oil and Human Rights Don't Mix for Kazakhstan.

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The Wall Street Journal - India in Touch With Kazakhstan after Bid Fails - ONGC had been shocked by the Kazakh decision and had asked the government to seek an explanation for the decision, said a person familiar with the situation.

Reuters - Hydrocarbon-rich Kazakhstan gets new oil and gas minister - Karabalin, 65, is a professional oil and gas engineer who was trained in Moscow in Soviet days. He headed state oil company KazMunaiGas in 2003-08. Prior to his appointment as oil and gas minister, he headed Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Institute.

Oil Price - Oil and Human Rights Don't Mix for Kazakhstan - The British government got an earful from Kazakhstan this week despite Prime Minister David Cameron's economic outreach. The prime minister arrived Sunday in Kazakhstan to help launch one of the largest oil projects in the world. With pop diva Jennifer Lopez in tow, Cameron also brought out $1 billion worth of trade deals to Astana. The Kazakh government, however, said it was in no mood for a human rights lecture from Cameron's administration, meaning the prime minister will likely return home with few assurances to show for his efforts.

The Daily Mail - Call Me Dave out of place amongst goose-stepping soldiers - How embarrassing for David Cameron to be photographed walking behind goose-stepping soldiers at a wreath-laying ceremony in Kazakhstan.

The Telegraph - 'First human head transplant now possible', neurosurgeon claims - Dr Sergio Canavero believes that the technology now exists that will allow surgeons to carry out the Frankenstein-style procedure, which has been tested out on animals since 1970.

July 3 2013, 17:57

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