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David Cameron's trip to Kazakhstan offers him a major opportunity - but will he take it? Kazakhstan may host next round of Iran n-talks.

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RIA Novosti - Police Uncover $456,000 Baikonur Space Center Theft - Police have uncovered the embezzlement of over 15 million rubles ($456,000) from the Baikonur space center which Russia leases from Kazakhstan for space launches, Russia's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The Independent - David Cameron's trip to Kazakhstan offers him a major opportunity - but will he take it? - The UK government has called Kazakhstan “one of about two dozen global emerging powers” and has made no secret about the importance it places on a bilateral relationship, especially concerning energy, trade and security. Kazakhstan has a wealth of natural resources – it is amongst the 20 largest oil producers in the world – and steady economic growth. Along with needing its help in the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan next year, it’s no wonder such issues are at the top of Cameron’s agenda.

Human Rights Watch - UK Prime Minister’s Kazakhstan Visit – A Human Rights Opportunity - It is precisely because Kazakhstan stands out in the region for its energy and trade potential that the United Kingdom should take an approach firmly rooted in human rights in framing the relationship between these two countries as they grow closer.

Malaysia Sun - Kazakhstan may host next round of Iran n-talks - "We consider that there is no need for all important international actions to take place in European countries, such as Geneva, Vienna, Paris when countries in the region, including Kazakhstan, have all the potential for holding similar actions," Xinhua quoted Iranian Ambassador Gorban Seyfi as saying. - See more at:

June 27 2013, 17:53

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