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Astana to celebrate Capital Day with 3D Mapping Show. Kazakhstan Mining Report Q3 2013 - New Report Available.

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Kazakhstan Today - Astana to celebrate Capital Day with 3D Mapping Show - "Everyone can come and see unique 3D Mapping light show with a theatrical performance, which will take place on 6, 7 and 8 of July. This will be held in Kazakhstan for the first time," she said, according to the Prime Minister's official website.

Policemen are required to make a warning before firing - Today, Ministry of Internal Affairs discussed the draft law "On the internal affairs of the country", according to which the police are required to make a warning before opening fire

Bloomberg - ENRC Can’t Recommend ‘Very Disappointing’ Offer From Founders - “The Independent Committee is very disappointed by the value of the offer, which it believes materially undervalues ENRC, its fundamentals, the intrinsic value of its underlying assets and its growth prospects,” Mohsen Khalil, the committee’s head, said in a statement today.

Eurasianet - Kazakhstan’s Saiga Success: Endangered Antelope Numbers Rise - The endangered saiga antelope has had a rough few years in Kazakhstan, hunted mercilessly by poachers for its horns and wracked by a deadly sickness that has seen thousands of these endangered long-nosed antelopes perish on the steppe.

UK Pr Wire - Kazakhstan Mining Report Q3 2013 - New Report Available - We expect Kazakhstan's mining industry value to reach US$30.7bn by 2017, down from our previous forecast in light of our view of an overall decline in commodity prices. Growth will be led almost entirely by the coal, gold and copper sectors, which together account for the majority of the value of Kazakhstan's mining industry. Copper production is also a bright spot in the country, given aggressive expansion plans by Kazakhmys and Rio Tinto's commitment to invest US$100mn in exploring northern Kazakhstan for copper.

Radio Free Europe - Turkey Extradites Kazakh Wanted For Terrorism - Turkish authorities have arrested and extradited a Kazakh national wanted by Astana for his alleged involvement in terrorist acts.

June 24 2013, 17:45

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