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Kazakhstan 7th in world by vodka consumption. Standing still: a new form of protest in Turkey.

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Tengri News - Kazakhstan 7th in world by vodka consumption - The total consumption of vodka made 4.44 billion liters in the world in 2012, while Kazakhstan consumed around 0.1 billion liters: 5.9 liters per capita.

The Economist - No God, not even Allah - Ex-Muslim atheists are becoming more outspoken, but tolerance is still rare

The Diplomat - China’s Arctic Strategy - Since gaining Arctic Council observer status, China has been quick to move on its interests.

Deutsche Welle - Standing still: a new form of protest in Turkey - Thousands of people are now expressing their anger with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan by standing silent and motionless in streets and squares - a new tactic that they hope will deter police violence.

Russia Today - FBI 'justified' in every shooting since 1993 - report - It's standard operating procedure for the FBI to conduct an internal investigation when an agent shoots a suspect. Questions are being raised, though, after a report found that every single intentional shooting in the past 20 years was deemed 'justified.'

June 21 2013, 17:37

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