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Berkut puts debtors under travel restriction

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

Text on pop up window Text on pop up window "Denied from leaving Kazakhstan"

Upon court decision, over 4,000 individuals in Atyrau Oblast are denied from leaving the country, as they have been blacklisted in Berkut Software System for various personal and corporate debts. 

The black list blocks those evading alimonies, mandatory taxes, administrative penalties for breaching traffic rules or public order, bank loan and public utilities payables, as well as legal entities that have contractual debts or arrears of salaries before employees.

If a debtor fails to execute the court's ruling at own will, court sanctions his or her listing in the all-republican "court marshal" software titled Berkut.

All border posts, airports and train stations have been provided with the system. 

Total indebtedness of the 4,000 Atyrau Oblast residents makes over 6.5 billion tenge, according to Berkut.

Only full repayment of all debts makes it possible to leave the list. Once paid off, a debtor must show receipts to the court marshal to lift travel restriction.

Want to check your status? Visit Ministry of Justice website.


June 21 2013, 11:42

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