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Woman prepared stepson for suicide bombing

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By Saule Tasbulatova

June 18, the court of Atyrau sentenced a 32-year-old woman to 7 years in prison for harsh treatment of her stepchildren and terrorism propaganda.

Prosecutor Tursunai Borabayeva says the convict's male partner was killed last year in a counter-terrorism operation over suspicion that he had attacked police officers before. 

The suspect had two children from his previous marriage, a boy and a girl, who later stayed with his girlfriend as his first wife had died.

After he was killed, the woman used to beat his children. She has been preparing the older - the boy - for suicide bombing in one of law enforcement agency offices promising "he would meet his father in Heaven for doing that," explained Ms Borabayeva.

According to the prosecutor, the boy told it to his school teacher.

Reportedly, relatives of his father have now prepared documents to adopt the kids.

The trial was held behind closed doors.

The child beater has own 2007-born daughter. Judge ruled that the child will be living with aunt until mother is released. 

The verdict has not come into effect yet, so the woman on trial has the right to appeal it within the next 15 days.


June 18 2013, 16:47

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