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Russia’s Eurasian Union Could Endanger the Neighborhood and U.S. Interests. In Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Leader Conciliatory over Water.

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The Heritage Foundation - Russia’s Eurasian Union Could Endanger the Neighborhood and U.S. Interests - The formation of a Eurasian Union (EAU) is the next in a series of Russian initiatives to reassert control over the former Soviet space. The Eurasian Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, if it follows the course that Russia will set, could threaten regional stability and undermine economic and political freedom in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The EAU will also likely influence the sovereignty, independence, and political orientation of neighboring countries. The U.S. should work with its allies and friends in Europe and Asia to balance the Russian geopolitical offensive and protect U.S. and Western interests.

Iraqi News - FM receives Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan - Baghdad ( The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hoshyar Zebari, received at the office of the ministry on Sunday Mr., Polat Sarseniiv, the non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Iraq.

KAZINFORM - In 2012 Kazakhstan blocked access to 45 foreign religious websites - Religious Affairs Agency Chairman - "Another important issue that is important for the spiritual safety of our society is to monitor the Internet resources of a religious nature in order to limit the information field

Kazakh President congratulated 'Katev' Fund on 20th anniversary - Students of the Kazakh-Turkish high schools for the past 20 years have gained many medals in international competitions. The President of Kazakhstan expressed his confidence that the graduates of "Katev" Fund would be highly qualified and would contribute to the economic development of the country as well as to strengthening of fraternal relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Bolashak graduate recognized the 2013 best doctor in Kazakhstan - The best doctor of Kazakhstan in 2013 is recognized Adlet Dyusembayev, the head of the department of osteosurgery in the capital's  tuberculosis dispensary.

Eurasianet - In Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Leader Conciliatory over Water - Karimov has long been a vociferous opponent of plans by Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to complete long-stalled hydropower dam projects -- Rogun on the Vakhsh River (the headwaters of the Amu-Darya) in Tajikistan and Kambarata on the Naryn River (which becomes the Syr-Darya) in Kyrgyzstan.


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