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Kazakhstan visa prices my go up before EXPO

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The prices of Kazakhstan visas may go up before the international exhibition EXPO-2017, Megapolis writes.

Even now many of the foreigners are ready to pay $300-400 for intermediary companies to get visas for them, while the average visa price in the world is $50-100, Astana Tourism Association said. Kazakhstan tourist agencies believe that the prices may go up even more.

The official price of Kazakhstan visa stands at around 7 thousand tenge ($47) including all fees and duties, Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry’s Consular Service Department said. And no third parties are required to get visas, as all documents can be submitted online.

Head of one of the tourist agencies in Astana explained that the 8-fold markup to the official cost of the visa includes fees of intermediate agents. “The agencies take the money because their employees fully deal with papers and documents for their clients. Obtaining a visa requires an official invitation that has to be taken to the migration police where one should stand in several lines. Then you have to spend some time in the consulate service. Most tourist companies also charge an additional fee for issuing an official invitation to a person on behalf of their company,” he said.

The expert added that when EXPO would be at hand, many people would be ready to pay extra to get Kazakhstan visa in time and without any hassle. While the agencies are always ready to make extra money and would never refuse to “shake the money tree” on the occasion of such a large-scale event.

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June 17 2013, 17:07

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