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Kazakh Foreign Ministry hosts a roundtable on protection of foreign investors' rights

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Today, in the conference room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be conducted a joint roundtable on the protection of rights of foreign investors and introduction of the institution of investment Ombudsman in Kazakhstan, the press service of the Ministry informs.  

The event will be attended by the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and New Technologies A.Isekeshev, Minister of Foreign Affairs E. Idrissov, Vice-Minister of Economy and Budget Planning M.Kusainova, as well as members of the working group - deputy ministers and heads of units of government agencies.

The purpose of the round table is to present activities of the working group for protection of rights of foreign investors, to debate the work of the Ombudsman in the field of investment in detecting violations of rights of investors, coordination of government agencies dealing with applications of investors, assisting in preparing draft laws and regulations affecting the rights and interests of foreign investors , as well as in disputes between investors and government agencies, and to share the international experience of the investment ombudsman.


June 17 2013, 10:28

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