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ASSEL: Rising star out of Kazakhstan

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Cheering news! A young talented girl Assel Abdrakhmanova from Atyrau is doing well on the way to her dream of conquering the USA: her video “Subliminal” was twice chosen Video Of The Week on the Marc Gordon Show run by Marc Gordon, a Grammy nominated, Multi-Platinum selling producer and a songwriter (WKT)

Assel submitted her video “Subliminal” for Video Of The Week on the Marc Gordon Show with hesitation, not thinking she even had a chance to win. It was a battle but Assel’s fans not only pulled out the #1 spot in week #4 but also week #5, being the first back to back winner with the most votes since the VOW started, raking in a total of 563 votes in two weeks, She’s now in the Video Of the Week for her third week, can she do it again? We’ll see.

Because of her hard work, Assel's been featured on the Marc Gordon Show & website, in the Fine Success online magazine twice, more interviews, promotion, features are being done & She'll have multiple nominations for the 2012-2013 Independent Music Video Awards coming up in July. Assel is definitely gettin her grind on & on her way to being a star...











Assel Abdrakhmanova was born in USSR, Republic of Kazakhstan in August 27th 1986. She has many talents including singing and song writing in three languages, (Kazakh, Russian and English) dancing, modeling, drawing art, to name a few. She also plays a traditional Kazakh instrument called a dombra (guitar shaped). Assel has been singing and entertaining in her country beginning at the age of four. Since that age she has performed in kindergarten and school concerts and plays, for local celebration events and community activities. At the age of eight she won 1st place in a beauty contest organized by The National Committee of Kazakhstan. Since then she has won many competitions for talent, beauty and sports. She has been studying English since 9 years old, because of her own interest of singing in America. Assel has been writing songs and poems from a very young age. At fifteen, she recorded a song (“In Love”) that reached number three on the charts of her local radio station, which attracted even more admirers. After graduating from the Atyrau State University, she was invited to work as a singer part time for over three years in prestigious clubs, while also working full time for Oil and Gas Company, sometimes working 18 hour days, several days a week. Assel has strong family values and work ethics that include not drinking or smoking. She is a very sweet and talented soul, that is very easy to get along with and has always worked hard towards her career. In 2009 Assel took part in a National Talent Competition in Kazakhstan and placed second out of three hundred applicants. Afterwards Assel received many national television and radio interviews, in addition to newspaper and magazine articles because of her unique presence. In addition to the individual awards, there were two separate awards for outstanding achievement. One for “Best Song” and one for “Best Arrangement”. Assel won them both. Afterwards, she decided to put on her own concert. Assel got sponsorship from the regional newspaper and a national employment service. She wrote all her own songs and hired her own musicians and dancers. There was a huge turnout to support her. Assel has her own team of dedicated people that believe she is a major talent, including American Choreography Award winners, Artistic Director and Choreographer Todd Sams, Kennis Marquis and JC Joe, eleven time Grammy winner engineer/ mixer/producer Rafa Sardina, who worked on her single “Subliminal”, and many others. Assel is a self-sponsored independent artist, and she had just released her first music video “Subliminal”. She has taken a lot of effort and has the faith in herself to pursue her dreams.

October 2 2012, 14:42

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