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Bulgaria and Kazakhstan organize cooking contests. 'Revival of the Silk Road': Kazakhs launch China-Europe rail route. Kazakhstan beauty will not catwalk in swimsuit at Miss World 2013

June 11 2013, 16:18

International Supermarket News - Bulgaria and Kazakhstan organize cooking contests - Also in Kazakhstan, a culinary competition for amateur cooks took place, which was organized by METRO Cash & Carry Kazakhstan for the first time. The event entitled “Family Lunch with METRO” was held in the open store in Almaty. In addition to a select jury, also customers and visitors had the opportunity to watch the chefs.

NBC News - 'Revival of the Silk Road': Kazakhs launch China-Europe rail route - "Kazakhstan is a virtual bridge linking the East and the West," Yerkin Meirbekov, deputy railway department chief at Kazakhstan's Transport Ministry, said in an interview. "You can actually say this is the revival of the Silk Road."

Eurasianet - Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Clan Set to Grow - Aysultan Nazarbayev, the youngest son of the president’s eldest daughter, Dariga Nazarbayeva, is planning to wed his fiancée, identified by Forbes Kazakhstan as 20-year-old Alima Boranbayeva, an art student in London.  She is the daughter of Kayrat Boranbayev, who heads the KazRosGas energy venture.

Anadolu Agency - 4th Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking countries meeting in Ankara - Nigmatulin touched upon the importance of mutual experience-sharing between Turkish and Kazakh parliaments, and said, “It is very important for us to have a common stance regardin the cooperation with Europe.” 

Tengri News - Kazakhstan beauty will not catwalk in swimsuit at Miss World 2013 - Catwalking in swimsuits at the Miss World-2013 has been canceled to avoid negative reaction from the Muslim-majority host-country, India Today reports. The contest will take place in September in Bali island, Indonesia.

CCTV - Russian-Kazakh cooperation at Baikonur


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