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Kazakhstan parliament called to resign

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Kazakhstan political expert Dossym Satpayev believes that dissolving the parliament that approved the pension system reform draft law that displeased the President should be considered as the second step after Minister of Labor and Social Protection Serik Abdenov was dismissed.

“It is necessary to consider dissolving the parliament that approved this unpopular draft law. The President also indirectly criticized the deputies who tried to please the government more than trying to listen to the people,” the analyst said in an interview to LS.

Satpayev reminded that formally the retirement reform was not cancelled. “The President just prolonged its implementation period and emphasized that the law should be explained to the people,” he said. That’s why Abdenov’s successor will have to “improve the draft law, and not bury it”.

On June 7 Nursultan Nazarbayev  returned the pension reform draft to the Parliament. According to the President, the government and the Labor Ministry failed to successfully represent the draft law in public discussions and assert its importance in the people’s minds.

Serik Abdenov was relieved of his position of Kazakhstan Minister of Labor and Social Protection on Monday, June 10. He worked in this position for less than a year and promotion of the retirement reform (including its part that provides for a gradual raise of retirement age for women from 58 to 63) was a big part of his work. He received bad publicity after he said at a retirement reform meeting in Karaganda: "You all have to work, because, my dear countrymen, just because, just because...”

Tengri News

June 11 2013, 15:47

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