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Nazarbayev and Karimov discuss water again

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Photo courtesy Ak OrdaNursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov have discussed water once again, reports citing Kazakhstan President’s official website.

“Leaders of the two countries are pleased with the results of the visit and have once again reiterated their positions on the hydrotechnical facilities being constructed in upstream of the Syrdarya River that require independent international inspection and consideration of interests of all the involved parties,” the website writes.

The issue of the hydro-power station in the upstream of the Syrdarya River concerns the presidents because Syrdarya is a transborder river and use of water in its upstream greatly affects the countries located further along the river.

Presidents also discussed the current issues of bilateral cooperation and implementation of the agreements reached on September 6-7 during Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov’s visit to Kazakhstan.

Earlier Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan sent regards to presidents of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and expressed hope for  conscious use of common water resources .

October 1 2012, 17:00

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