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Atyrau mayor reveals income

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By Laura Suleimenova

The akim of Atyrau city Serik Aidarbekov and his deputies disclosed their personal annual revenues.

According to his executive office, in 2012 the mayor of the oil capital earned 1.8mln tenge and paid 154,000 tenge in taxes. He owns a flat and a land parcel.

His deputy Amantai Aitbayev made 1.9mln tenge last year and paid 150,000 tenge tax. Mr Aitbayev has a flat, a car and a land plot with a garden.

Aizhan Karabayeva's incomes amount 1.38mln tenge, from which she paid 103,000 tenge as a tax. Nothing reported about property.

The head of the mayor's executive office Baurzhan Kusniyev made 671,000 tenge paying 53,000 tenge in tax. He has a flat, a car and a land plot. 


May 31 2013, 10:41

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