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Amir Ismagulov - Journalists understand my son is innocent

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By Ainur Saparova

May 22, an Ak Zhaik reporter liaised with Amir Ismagulov, a member of Atyrau city council, whose son Azamat Tazhayakov has been arrested and accused by the United States authorities in trying to obstruct the investigation into Boston Marathon Bombing.

He says FBI want to reconsider the Boston bombing case. At the moment they are once again interrogating 5-6 witnesses.

"Journalists in USA, too, well understand that may son is innocent. There is not only the truth laid down by FBI, but from the other side as well. Upon our request [together with Dias Kadyrbayev's parents] the backpack and its whole content will be sent to a repeated examination in order to find out if the items found in it are related to the case at all. Not only us, but journalists here say they see no logic in the accusations produced against our sons. They say if my son Azamat and his friend Dias wanted to impede justice, they would open the laptop and delete all the information related to the case. But the two even did not open the laptop," Mr Ismagulov stated.

- A number of journalists and activists representing public organizations of Kazakhstan posted a group letter in some media addressing to Barack Obama a request for fair trial for Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev.

"I know about the letter. You are showing every possible support. For us it is a great help. We too need justice. Thank you for that!"

- Your son's lawyer Arkadiy Bukh, in one of his interviews said he would ask release on bail for Azamat. When the court will take place?

"The exact date has not been scheduled yet. Yes, the lawyer said that and now preparing application. That's all, no more news."

- Ok. Thank you


May 24 2013, 11:23

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