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Chevron pays Brazil $17 mln fine for oil spill

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Oil Spill on Chevron oil rig platform in Brazil. Credit:©AFP



Chevron Corp, the U.S. oil company, paid $17.3 mln fine levied by Brazil for 2011 oil spill, reported Reuters on September 28.

The fine has been paid on September 21 and Chevron received a 30 percent discount on the charge because it paid the fine promptly and did not challenge the 24 violations found by the Brazilian petroleum regulator, the ANP, in its operations in the Frade Field northeast of Rio de Janeiro.

Oil spill on one of the Frade field platforms happened at the beginning of November 2011. Traces of another oil spill were also found floating in March. As the result of the oil spill over 3,000 barrels of oil flowed into the open sea. The company took the full responsibility for the incident.

After the incidents Brazil filed civil and criminal suits against Chevron and Transcoean Ltd., its drilling contractor. The Brazilian authorities also demanded both companies to stop their operations in Brazil.

Chevron was fined for $28 mln. Later the procurator’s office in Brazil filed one more suit against Chevron for $10.6 mln.


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