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Supermarket security shocked guests from Japan

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Last Friday, security of Green Supermarket in Almaty, held a 14-year-old Japanese citizen Ayako Mukayama in a utility room for nearly an hour, accusing the teenager of stealing a bottle of mineral water.

The girl had bought bottled water in a nearby kiosk and then entered the shop, writes Vremya.

Ayako and her mother Nazym Mukayama arrived to their historical motherland a week ago. 

Nazym sent her daughter to buy a cake in the shop and herself stayed outside. Having waited quite a long time she entered the supermarket to learn that her daughter had been accused of shoplifting and detained by security service.

Big guys loudly reprimanded the teenager, then took her and the just arrived mother to the utilities room, where the two spent about an hour.

At last, security browsed video footage from CCTV cameras in the shop and found out the girl indeed had the bottle in hands already when entering the supermarket.

When free, the woman called police at once, however, the officer said it was the girl's mistake.

Media secretary of Almaty police, Yermek Boltayev explained:

"Head of supermarket's internal control said that internal rules allow them to detain clients as the plate at the entrance reads "Leave your things in the storage lockers". So no criminal case will be launched."

Nazym Mukayama intends to file a lawsuit against Green and now seeks a lawyer to represent her in the court.


May 22 2013, 11:56

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