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Lawyers of Kazakhs arrested in Boston case achieve Tsarnayev's backpack examination

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Evidence, which Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov allegedly got rid of, may have never been linked to Boston Marathon Bombing, reports Kazakhstan's KTK TV channel. 

The Kazakhs are being accused of intentional disposal of a backpack containing empty firework shells, which belonged to Dzhokhar Tsarnayev.

According to the father of Azamat Tazhayakov, the petards have been taken to a lab. Experts are trying to find out if these are related to the explosions. Residues of the explosives found at the bombing scene will be compared with those discovered in the backpack of the alleged terrorist.

The defense is closely cooperating with two main witnesses. One of them is a dorm roommate of Tsarnayev Jr. and a lady friend of the students, also a Kazakh citizen.

Given this, it is still unknown when the next hearing on Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov's case will take place. Advocates requested and were given 30 days to study all facts and seek exculpatory evidence for their clients.

The two Kazakh students may be given up to 5 years in jail and forced to pay a US$250,000 penalty.


May 21 2013, 16:30

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